Musings in the Maples

Written on 9/18, after a road-trip from St Albans, Vermont back to the Capitol Region of New York.

Musings in the Maples
by mk hubbard

I love that the whole state seems to bleed syrup
instead of blood
— roots dive deep into the Earth, & maples are very strong.
The people there view the golden liquid as the nectar of life,
replacing other golds, like honey & precious metal.

The trees are lined with taps, connecting forests together,
a web of dependence on the sugary substance that oozes from their cores.
The farmlands are large, and double yellow lined roads with their higher speed limits, still wind & curve forcing you to slow down,
to make you look around.

Like the maple liquid itself, the drips of sweetness come at their own time, as you travel further & further North…

The mountain top with its trees changing in drips to fall foliage as the sun sets over them, reminds you of the snow to come–
And the ghost of chairlifts swing in the summer heat, waiting to be filled with people, excited for another sugary substance, although this time a powder.
As the Moon rises over the trees, it illuminates the change in a sadder way than the sun does– reminding you that seasons changing have nothing to do with the whims of what we as humans want, but what the Earth demands.

My Current Projects

I tend to want to start EVERYTHING— but have a hard time finishing the tasks. Perhaps it’s bad follow through, or perhaps a need for it to be perfect that causes me to abort a project, or even better, a combination,  but it has been something I have been dealing with all my life.

I had a professor talk to us about the importance of  telling others your goals:“You are more likely to complete something if you can verbalize & visualize the outcome,” he lectured.

Yet the concept struck a chord. So here’s a small list of the projects/post ideas I have. If I write it out, it counts!

  1. I am currently visiting ice cream shops with Ryan #icecreamquest. It has been a really fun way to get out of the apartment—but we had to start spacing the ice cream stops out more so that we don’t end up becoming sick of it.
  2. I have been researching skin care routines– so many products! I have a green tea and/or tea tree allergy (not positive ) which makes finding products time consuming. I aim to compile a list of products for sensitive skin.
  3. I am partaking in the GoodReads Reading Challenge. Basically, you take the number of books you read last year, and add 3. I read a lot last year (57) so my goal this year is 60. I have some catching up to do this month & plan on posting the books I ended up enjoying.


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This Sunday Evening


Sunday Evening

I like my evenings, like I like most things– quiet & calm. I know the week is coming, like a tide I cannot swim against. The world re-shifts on Sunday evenings– to focus, to strategize, to think. My world in our small apartment is touched too.

Sundays present to us a combination of week & weekend. We begin our days as weekenders, to end it as workers & productive members of society again. Our days have a stricter flow for the next 5 days, but they still present a shining gem of opportunity in each one of them.

Where will this week take us?

This week, Ryan & I plan on checking out some abandoned places around here. I also want to get ice cream really badly, so I hope to go on a quest to find the perfect ice cream cone. I’m feeling a little melancholy about the quickness of August, but I know we can still squeeze some last bit of summer out of the days ahead.

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5 Songs to Add to Your Wednesday

Monday gets a lot of attention for being “The Worst.” I have yet to encounter someone who starts a conversation with “Can’t wait for Monday!” but truthfully, same can be true for any Tuesday & Wednesday. Thursday there is the weekend within grasp, and Friday mornings aren’t too terrible to attempt whilst over-tired, should an outing, or a Netflix Binge session arise. And then thank the stars! The weekend is upon us! Work basically stops on Fridays around 3 or never, and the people in the latter let you know how much they have to work this upcoming weekend.

Each week ebbs & flows with our emotions, yet whole days are often prejudiced against before they even begin. So with that being said, I have attempted to try to find something I enjoy in each day. I have been practicing gratitude on the regular, and occasionally I attempt to contort myself into yoga positions, but I am by no means an expert on either matter. I have to reflect often on how far I have come on my journey and how far I still have to go. There are days where I don’t feel worthy of my surroundings or the people in my life. As if I must cast away everything, and start anew. On those days, it’s as if I have a broken record in my brain that plays my doubts on repeat AND at maximum volume. Joy. I have learned though, there are strategies to keep these at bay such as calling a loved one, reading or listening to music.

However, the most fascinating thing always seems to happen. When I listen to music or read or write, I find the peace I was looking for because others let these doubts out through these mediums I tend to consume. I see or hear the doubts of others, and see myself in the pieces. I let my thoughts out with journal entries, to remind myself how far I have to go.

Perhaps I am more drawn to certain types of lyrics, but below are 5 songs that I listen to in order for a pick-me-up or some writer’s inspiration. These songs help me to get out of my head, while still thinking.

1. You Don’t Know About Me– Ella Vos

Memorable verse:

“I wake up
this is my body
this is my war”

Listen here:

2. Coffee– Sylvan Esso

Memorable verse :

“Wild winter, warm coffee
Mind’s gone, do you love me?”

Listen here:

3. Deadwater– Wet

Memorable verse:

“And the thoughts that come in,
they come in stronger & stronger,
And it takes all of me to just stay out of the water”

Listen here:

4. Leave the Light On– Overcoats

I may break down if I let you look at me, I may break down if I let you look at me
Now you see me, now you don’t
Now you see me, now you don’t
Going going fast as I can, going going fast as I can
We don’t know what we are running from”

Listen here:

5. Groceries – Mallrat

“ This sucks, I’m lovesick, too important to rush this
I’d miss our kiss if it ever left my lips…”

Listen here:

What are some songs that you enjoy when you’re experiencing writer’s block? Need a pick me up? Inspiration? I am always open to suggestions.