Musings in the Maples

Written on 9/18, after a road-trip from St Albans, Vermont back to the Capitol Region of New York.

Musings in the Maples
by mk hubbard

I love that the whole state seems to bleed syrup
instead of blood
— roots dive deep into the Earth, & maples are very strong.
The people there view the golden liquid as the nectar of life,
replacing other golds, like honey & precious metal.

The trees are lined with taps, connecting forests together,
a web of dependence on the sugary substance that oozes from their cores.
The farmlands are large, and double yellow lined roads with their higher speed limits, still wind & curve forcing you to slow down,
to make you look around.

Like the maple liquid itself, the drips of sweetness come at their own time, as you travel further & further North…

The mountain top with its trees changing in drips to fall foliage as the sun sets over them, reminds you of the snow to come–
And the ghost of chairlifts swing in the summer heat, waiting to be filled with people, excited for another sugary substance, although this time a powder.
As the Moon rises over the trees, it illuminates the change in a sadder way than the sun does– reminding you that seasons changing have nothing to do with the whims of what we as humans want, but what the Earth demands.

Vermont Tomorrow

Ryan & I are off to Vermont this weekend! When we chose to elope back in July, we had assured his parents that we would be excited for a small family party with Ryan’s family & friends, and his parents are up there already. I am excited to see everyone, and I feel really fortunate that his parents & family would take the time to plan something for us, since we’ve been pretty swamped.

I get anxious during long car rides because I tend to get carsick (hello back roads), but I don’t really mind the drive through Vermont, especially this time of year. We plan on taking as many pictures as our memory card lets us, of both the drive & the reception. Knowing Ryan’s family, we’ll probably be doing something outdoorsy on one of the days, and there’s always good food & beer involved throughout the visits.

Here are the following CDs I have in my car to listen to:

1) Ariana Grande- Sweetner
2) Adele- 25
3) The Story So Far (self-titled)
4) Kacey Musgraves- Golden Hour
5) Brand New- Deja Entendu

We might have to update my cd collection soon…

Stay tuned for pictures to come of our journey!

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