Outfit of the Day in Schenectady, New York

Last night, Ryan & I ended up going out to see one of my younger sisters perform a set at a local bar in Schenectady, New York. It’s a historic town–settled in 1661 by the Dutch, the word itself means “Place Along the Pines.” There are gems throughout, and even having grown up around the area, there are always different places to see or observe something you had not before.

We stopped at a quiet cathedral parking lot. The architecture of this one has always seemed at odds with the modern residential housing around it. Directly across from it is Union College, which was founded in 1795.  Around the corner of this is my graduate college campus. I have passed this place numerous times and have never stopped. So last night we did. It is massive & almost looming with its beautiful arches & windows. Ryan took the following picture:


I think this picture really captures the massiveness of this building. I do not know much of its history, but I plan on finding out.

We took some pictures of my outfit:

My dress was from a local boutique during our date night out in Troy ($38). My heels are from Lulus, an online boutique ( $30) and my necklace is Nordstrom ($20). My most expensive item of my outfit was my purse ($50), but as far as purses go, I view it as a deal.

We really thought it was fun to have the contrast of the stripes on my dress with the arches of the windows. It was evening time, so the sun was setting. The air had a small hint of the autumn that is right around the corner–but just a hint.

For now, we can still enjoy the summer under the fairy lights of a local bar, the sun only setting on an evening– not a season, not yet.

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