You start a lesson with a scale
with your brain remembering how the note sounds,
drawing a buzz as it recite the fingerings.
Up and down, then back up, maybe a step down to go two steps up again
the pattern sure in its cycle.

Music reminds us that things have beats & measures
not unlike poetry. not unlike science. not unlike communication.
The number four is important in music, and prevalent in nature and division.

Today though, I was reminded of a minor scale;
A note below the natural, yet still a part of the greater piece, evoking the sounds of longing & melancholy.
It reminded me of seasons, of the number four and how things are always connected.

You start a lesson with a scale, because the sureness of what is supposed to come next…
calms the chaos around you.

Saturday Doings

The weather FINALLY was below 90 degrees today! We seemed to dip into Fall this morning with a small chill, hinting in the air. Ryan exclaimed “Flannel Weather!” when we left our apartment to go to Target. The aisles screamed at us that the seasons were indeed changing, with summer clothes spread in clearance racks across the floor & “Game Day” snack ideas.

Our purchases today were small apartment items, including a shoe rack and water filters. So naturally, I ended up in the makeup aisle at some point, and treated myself to $10 dollar eye palette. Ryan and I have been brainstorming ideas about starting a video channel to go with my blog– but I did get a little stage fright at the thought. I would have to practice or map out my videos, but as long as it goes with my theme. I could read aloud my poetry, or try a new eye makeup, or unbox a subscription box…all thoughts we’ve been thinking about.

I circle back to the change of seasons in this post because Fall continues to be my favorite time of year. I feel most creative around this time, I love the colors, activities, flavors, and promise of a new year approaching. It’s truly magical to live in this area this time of year, & we plan on sharing as much of the ~ Fall Foliage~  as one account can handle. There is a crispness that comes with the apples, a sweetness with the pumpkins, a coolness with the aura of spirits that truly only  comes once a year.

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My Current Projects

I tend to want to start EVERYTHING— but have a hard time finishing the tasks. Perhaps it’s bad follow through, or perhaps a need for it to be perfect that causes me to abort a project, or even better, a combination,  but it has been something I have been dealing with all my life.

I had a professor talk to us about the importance of  telling others your goals:“You are more likely to complete something if you can verbalize & visualize the outcome,” he lectured.

Yet the concept struck a chord. So here’s a small list of the projects/post ideas I have. If I write it out, it counts!

  1. I am currently visiting ice cream shops with Ryan #icecreamquest. It has been a really fun way to get out of the apartment—but we had to start spacing the ice cream stops out more so that we don’t end up becoming sick of it.
  2. I have been researching skin care routines– so many products! I have a green tea and/or tea tree allergy (not positive ) which makes finding products time consuming. I aim to compile a list of products for sensitive skin.
  3. I am partaking in the GoodReads Reading Challenge. Basically, you take the number of books you read last year, and add 3. I read a lot last year (57) so my goal this year is 60. I have some catching up to do this month & plan on posting the books I ended up enjoying.


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Outfit of the Day in Schenectady, New York

Last night, Ryan & I ended up going out to see one of my younger sisters perform a set at a local bar in Schenectady, New York. It’s a historic town–settled in 1661 by the Dutch, the word itself means “Place Along the Pines.” There are gems throughout, and even having grown up around the area, there are always different places to see or observe something you had not before.

We stopped at a quiet cathedral parking lot. The architecture of this one has always seemed at odds with the modern residential housing around it. Directly across from it is Union College, which was founded in 1795.  Around the corner of this is my graduate college campus. I have passed this place numerous times and have never stopped. So last night we did. It is massive & almost looming with its beautiful arches & windows. Ryan took the following picture:


I think this picture really captures the massiveness of this building. I do not know much of its history, but I plan on finding out.

We took some pictures of my outfit:

My dress was from a local boutique during our date night out in Troy ($38). My heels are from Lulus, an online boutique ( $30) and my necklace is Nordstrom ($20). My most expensive item of my outfit was my purse ($50), but as far as purses go, I view it as a deal.

We really thought it was fun to have the contrast of the stripes on my dress with the arches of the windows. It was evening time, so the sun was setting. The air had a small hint of the autumn that is right around the corner–but just a hint.

For now, we can still enjoy the summer under the fairy lights of a local bar, the sun only setting on an evening– not a season, not yet.

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Morning is my time,
Why hello there, Sweet Sunshine
Blossoming against the windowpane

Come play,
Come meet your day

Its insistent rays make my eyes open

Birds are chirping
Tasks are lurking
Hours stretch ahead

For now, and evermore
I aim to keep this smile you bore
At me, my forever treasure, as I make the coffee

by morgan 8.22.18