Hold My Hand (don’t make me shout)

You walked briskly away from me,
We have the same destination-
(your place, your room, your bed)
So why the hesitation?
Darling, why won’t you hold my hand?

Your footsteps are heavy,
echoing on the pavement
And my drunk steps patter behind you
“Why won’t you walk next to me?”
I ask aloud
Only to hear the footsteps-

I ask you again
to hold my hand
(please don’t make me shout)

The brisk walker ahead of me
turns ever so slowly
That gleam in his eyes reveals he’s lonely

And he takes my hand, as we waltz in a dance
of me asking, and him answering
Darling, hold my hand (and I won’t shout)

Maybe I Could

I love the word ‘maybe’
& how it rhymes with the ‘baby’
Because maybe is a start- a new beginning
And maybe baby, I could be that for you

Maybe I could be the one to hold you tight
kiss you goodnight
make your morning coffee
Oh, wouldn’t that be lovely?

I love the word ‘maybe’
And maybe, baby I could love you