Truthfully, I cannot believe this is 10 minutes from our apartment complex. Since starting this blog, Ryan & I have been attempting to find historic places, new places & different places. The bridge I’m standing on in the 2nd picture was an iron bridge used as the “model” of how all of the bridges for the Erie Canal should be made. The 1st picture used to be all a part of the canal. Managed to hit some interesting places & learn some new things too.



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3 Trends I Will Try (that are also out of my comfort zone)

1. Animal Print

I could get down for an animal print detail, especially when accented with other pieces. A zebra print such as this one could be played up or down. I could see this with other neutrals, making it playful or serious, depending on your mood.


(image from Google, skirt from TopShop)


2. Sets- As IF

I am on the taller side, and I am not positive if I can get over showing some of my mid section but perhaps in the right print I could be persuaded.


(image via Google, set from Free People)


3. Plaid

And last but not least:


(image Google, via the movie “Clueless”)

90’s fashion is HERE. While going through my local Target, I spotted this exact plaid, and in a set form. I am admittedly intimidated by this all sunshine ensemble, but could potentially see them as separate pieces. Perhaps my view on this trend will change.

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#outfitoftheday feat. a Small Ode to Vans


I am wearing the Zara #basictee under a lightweight cardigan from TJ Maxx.  My skirt is Free People & I have on some slip on Vans.

The 1st time I saw Vans was on the Nickelodeon channel. I’m sure I had seen them in real life at some point, but I started to take note of fashion around ~Middle School~.  Suddenly, I became self-conscious of the clothes my Mom had picked out for me, and I was desperately looking for other ways to be stylish. I started subscribing to Teen Vogue around this time, and Seventeen magazine. However, a lot of fashion inspiration came from the television.

My 2 shows were Unfabulous Zooey 101. Both of the title characters wore Vans, and I thought they were SO COOL. Emma Roberts sang about being awkward, and Zooey preached about “doing the right thing” and “kindness,” all while being super-stylish…my first television binges, if you will. I got a neon pink and black checkered pair for going back to school, and wore them throughout 8th grade. I remember them standing out amongst the sea of K-Swiss & Phat Farms. In home ec class, I was told that they were the “ugliest sneakers” someone had every laid their eyes on! I mean, they were different, but when are 8th graders the fashion police? I was crushed for a while, but then I thought I could sort of make sneakers my “thing.” I got a pair of high top Converse (also neon pink & black) for Christmas that year, and I slowly started to re-embrace my love of quirky sneakers. My most outlandish pair would probably be the pair of bright silver metallic Puma sneakers I got in Germany roughly 2 years later. They sadly were worn to death, but I am seeing a resurgence of the metallic hues again. Everything seems to repeat itself in someway, which is why almost a decade after my high school graduation, I find myself experiencing some deja vu, especially when it comes to my love of Vans.


For Less


I like to find items for less. I treasure them, my own pirate’s gold. Wearing name brands for lesser prices, or finding items to invest in & build around are my 2 typical shopping moods. When I styled this look, I was in a “Look for Less” one. My top was $10, jeans $43, sneakers $25 & lipstick $6.

Whole look = $83. Awesome! Sneaker original price-= $90! Double score.

I have always enjoyed higher-waisted jeans. They make me feel casually in control of how my day will go. Almost like nods to older styles of denim, or even to when denim was considered a shocking item for a woman to wear. I enjoy their effect with a polished buttoned down, I like them paired with t-shirts, and I find myself still gravitating towards a dramatic lip because you like what you.

The “Mom Jean” style isn’t often viewed as “sexy” but who are we dressing for? There was even a whole SNL skit about how unflattering they are. I believe that if you have confidence, and enjoy what you’re wearing, you can spread your joy for an item. Are Mom Jeans for everyone? Nope, but I’m not here to tell you that, I am here to encourage you to try something new.

It was a quiet evening when Ryan took this picture of me. I had wanted to experiment with the twilight dusk against the obscure and shallow pond that dwindles in a small complex. I liked the way the lighting softened my features, but in real life, I found myself noticing how the time of evening had slowly appeared in the sky. As if to say to us, “everything changes,” both big & small. Perhaps even your viewpoint on Mom Jeans.

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