Dear 2018…

2018 had many lessons for me.

Lesson 1: Mental & Physical Health cannot take a backseat.
Lesson 2: Friends are important, and so are boundaries.
Lesson 3: Creativity, music & words will forever be a sounding board I use to gather myself.

I have some goals for 2019, but I don’t want to feel too restricted by listing out every aspect-so instead, I list out the 3 things I hope to encounter in 2019 in broad strokes.

In 2019, I want to tie up unfinished projects.
In 2019, I want to admire someone new in music.
In 2019, I want to experience an old recipe tried with a new spin.

I am excited for 2019. For more poems, more blog posts, more love and most importantly, more health. Cheers to the New Year, indeed.

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