Vermont Tomorrow

Ryan & I are off to Vermont this weekend! When we chose to elope back in July, we had assured his parents that we would be excited for a small family party with Ryan’s family & friends, and his parents are up there already. I am excited to see everyone, and I feel really fortunate that his parents & family would take the time to plan something for us, since we’ve been pretty swamped.

I get anxious during long car rides because I tend to get carsick (hello back roads), but I don’t really mind the drive through Vermont, especially this time of year. We plan on taking as many pictures as our memory card lets us, of both the drive & the reception. Knowing Ryan’s family, we’ll probably be doing something outdoorsy on one of the days, and there’s always good food & beer involved throughout the visits.

Here are the following CDs I have in my car to listen to:

1) Ariana Grande- Sweetner
2) Adele- 25
3) The Story So Far (self-titled)
4) Kacey Musgraves- Golden Hour
5) Brand New- Deja Entendu

We might have to update my cd collection soon…

Stay tuned for pictures to come of our journey!

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