Saturday Day Drive

I am from a large family- I have 3 younger sisters, a niece & nephew, cousins, grandparents, you name it. I married someone who is also from a large family, with 2 brothers, parents, family members all over. Our siblings are forming their lives, learning what is important in their careers, personalities, family units of their own. Our parents are getting older, as are we, and there are things to do, places to go, people to see.

All over the country, the world, there is someone, whether we know them are not, getting married, someone having a baby, someone planning this, someone planning that. School, college, graduations, promotions, career changes,big moves…Life is happening in every direction.

Ryan & I are learning every single day as well, and we both are of the mindset that travel is an important tool for that goal of ours. Yesterday, we drove to a historic section in downstate New York, the Hudson Highlands, in order to have dinner & see a cousin of mine. I had needed something to look forward to throughout the week, and I was excited to see what my cousin has been up to. He has been working outdoors with conservation & restoration efforts, and has recently been able to do some archeology as well. How COOL?! SO we made our plans in the middle of the week with him, and we were off yesterday afternoon–  Any excuse to see a new part of state, enjoy some good food & company. It was exciting.

We waited for my cousin at the Taconic Education Center. Outside of the center, was a red maple barn, and Ryan said “Picture!” so I turned around for a couple. Here is one he grabbed of me that I really liked:


The road trip was a little under 2 hours each way. I do not like wearing shoes in the car, so slip ons were a must. I have on a Queen Band T-Shirt (freepeople) and it is probably the softest thing I own. My NYX lipstick lasted through a venti ice-coffee, so I don’t mind that my hair lost the curl I had worked so hard for (naps are also road trip essentials).

We drove through Beacon, New York to have dinner in Fishkill. We chose with my cousin, to stop at a gastro pub that had beer & speciality burgers. We chatted with my cousin, and stayed for a couple of hours before heading back. On the drive to Fishkill, we saw the train tracks overlooking the Hudson.


As you can see from the picture, the sky was so vibrant & the water seemed to sparkle.


We didn’t get to take too many pictures, but we had such a lovely time it didn’t really matter. There was so much more to do as well, that next time we’ll have to budget more time out there.


We DID manager to grab a picture of our beers because they came in such fun glasses. We all dug into our food before we could grab a shot. #priorities


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