This Sunday Evening


Sunday Evening

I like my evenings, like I like most things– quiet & calm. I know the week is coming, like a tide I cannot swim against. The world re-shifts on Sunday evenings– to focus, to strategize, to think. My world in our small apartment is touched too.

Sundays present to us a combination of week & weekend. We begin our days as weekenders, to end it as workers & productive members of society again. Our days have a stricter flow for the next 5 days, but they still present a shining gem of opportunity in each one of them.

Where will this week take us?

This week, Ryan & I plan on checking out some abandoned places around here. I also want to get ice cream really badly, so I hope to go on a quest to find the perfect ice cream cone. I’m feeling a little melancholy about the quickness of August, but I know we can still squeeze some last bit of summer out of the days ahead.

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