#outfitoftheday feat. a Small Ode to Vans


I am wearing the Zara #basictee under a lightweight cardigan from TJ Maxx.  My skirt is Free People & I have on some slip on Vans.

The 1st time I saw Vans was on the Nickelodeon channel. I’m sure I had seen them in real life at some point, but I started to take note of fashion around ~Middle School~.  Suddenly, I became self-conscious of the clothes my Mom had picked out for me, and I was desperately looking for other ways to be stylish. I started subscribing to Teen Vogue around this time, and Seventeen magazine. However, a lot of fashion inspiration came from the television.

My 2 shows were Unfabulous Zooey 101. Both of the title characters wore Vans, and I thought they were SO COOL. Emma Roberts sang about being awkward, and Zooey preached about “doing the right thing” and “kindness,” all while being super-stylish…my first television binges, if you will. I got a neon pink and black checkered pair for going back to school, and wore them throughout 8th grade. I remember them standing out amongst the sea of K-Swiss & Phat Farms. In home ec class, I was told that they were the “ugliest sneakers” someone had every laid their eyes on! I mean, they were different, but when are 8th graders the fashion police? I was crushed for a while, but then I thought I could sort of make sneakers my “thing.” I got a pair of high top Converse (also neon pink & black) for Christmas that year, and I slowly started to re-embrace my love of quirky sneakers. My most outlandish pair would probably be the pair of bright silver metallic Puma sneakers I got in Germany roughly 2 years later. They sadly were worn to death, but I am seeing a resurgence of the metallic hues again. Everything seems to repeat itself in someway, which is why almost a decade after my high school graduation, I find myself experiencing some deja vu, especially when it comes to my love of Vans.


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