For Less


I like to find items for less. I treasure them, my own pirate’s gold. Wearing name brands for lesser prices, or finding items to invest in & build around are my 2 typical shopping moods. When I styled this look, I was in a “Look for Less” one. My top was $10, jeans $43, sneakers $25 & lipstick $6.

Whole look = $83. Awesome! Sneaker original price-= $90! Double score.

I have always enjoyed higher-waisted jeans. They make me feel casually in control of how my day will go. Almost like nods to older styles of denim, or even to when denim was considered a shocking item for a woman to wear. I enjoy their effect with a polished buttoned down, I like them paired with t-shirts, and I find myself still gravitating towards a dramatic lip because you like what you.

The “Mom Jean” style isn’t often viewed as “sexy” but who are we dressing for? There was even a whole SNL skit about how unflattering they are. I believe that if you have confidence, and enjoy what you’re wearing, you can spread your joy for an item. Are Mom Jeans for everyone? Nope, but I’m not here to tell you that, I am here to encourage you to try something new.

It was a quiet evening when Ryan took this picture of me. I had wanted to experiment with the twilight dusk against the obscure and shallow pond that dwindles in a small complex. I liked the way the lighting softened my features, but in real life, I found myself noticing how the time of evening had slowly appeared in the sky. As if to say to us, “everything changes,” both big & small. Perhaps even your viewpoint on Mom Jeans.

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