The Naming of My Blog- AFoxInRedRoses

I had done everything, it had seemed. I had googled inspiration. I had brainstormed with my loved ones. I had made list after list after list…but nothing came to me. How was I to be representative of my brand? What did my brand even mean?

I have been drawn to the color red throughout my life. When I was little, I would go so far as to sign my drawings like so:

love always,

Rose (AKA morgan)

I resorted to wearing red lipsticks to build up my self confidence back in high school. Each time I would open a tube, or get a new product, I would think to myself  here comes the real Morgan.” I wouldn’t be afraid with this color on, although afraid of what I had never quiet pin-pointed. I have learned much since I walked the halls of my high school but with that being said, I still love a classic red- lip.

The fox imagery is to create a sense of imagination or wonder, perhaps even a bit of mischief. Foxes are often seen as either a demon or a messenger from the gods (bit extreme) but it all depends on the point of view you take.

I wanted to nod to both these aspects of myself, as I learn what my identity means.